, 23:00

Welcome to a special club night at Landmark Bergen! A collaboration between After School Special and FETT. We are looking forward to spending an amazing evening together, where differences are celebrated and bigotry is unwelcome. Everyone is of course welcome, but we would especially like to welcome the queers and friends of Bergen. Costumes are strongly encouraged. Flamboyancy is heartily desired. More is more!

FeTT is one of Norway's biggest feminist magazine, which also organises debates and events. (

DJ Flaky (SE), or Klara Rosenlund, is an artist, currently enrolled at the art academy in Bergen. They are quite new to the DJ game, but they will provide you with the amount of slay you need and deserve, when we will be kicking off our evening.

Tora G (NO) is a DJ that has a versatile and playful style, mixing music across genres from across the world. Expect hot tracks laced with queer drama and fun. Tora is also involved with the music collective Konsept X.

Rudi Valdersnes (NO) is a musician, composer and DJ based in Bergen. Rudi has been busy in the music scene of Bergen for quite some time. For the evening he will be playing 100% queer techno!

Superslut (NO) is a being that is an avatar of Martin Stanger. Superslut will appear as an on-screen projection this evening, as she exists only virtually.

Sassy (nick von kleist) (US) uses drag as a technology for language, media and performance to activate, trace and root portals into cyber time. nkv’s practice focuses on being in the middle – using vegetality and virtuality as catalysts for kitbashing what has been collected, witnessed and achieved into a repertoire to be rehearsed, repeatedly.


23:00— 03:00