Through the lens of a black woman with Marie Cole

Photo Marie Cole by Glorimunto. Design Dina Almakhrami

If We Were Thrown Into The Meltin´ Pot, Would We Tie A True Lovin’ Knot? is a series of talks on reshaping identities, curated by Ifrah Osman. The series discusses how to navigate identities in a world that has not been fairly constructed, and how actions relate to how we form our own identity.

The first talk Through the lens of a black woman will be led by the multidisciplinary artist Marie Cole (she/her). From a colonial aspect, the western world has for many years rejected the black body, and always identified it as something that was an exotification and a fascination. Through the lens of a black woman, we will discuss how the bodies have challenged, and still are challenging the conventions of what is normative.

Marie Cole is a Norwegian visual artist of Guinean descent, based in Oslo, where she works with mediums such as video, painting, performance and textile. Her artistic practice is based on exploring and examining her identity and the narrative society puts on her body.


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