Bergen Assembly
Talk with convener Saâdane Afif

The convener behind this edition of Bergen Assembly, Saâdane Afif will be in conversation with Andrea Spreafico at Bergen Kunsthall, where the character of the Bonimenteur is exhibited. The talk will be moderated by Julie Lillelien Porter.

- Saâdane Afif -
Saâdane Afif was born in Vendôme in 1970, he lives and works. Defined as a chatty “post-conceptual” artist, the methods he employs are not categorized in any specific discipline. All his works are subject to a continuous process of alteration. He is the convener of Bergen Assembly 2022.

- Andrea Spreafico -
Andrea Spreafico (b. Ravenna) lives in Bergen. He’s the author of a book on Nietzsche’s concept of power (L’onestà dei forti, Genova, 2008) and has presented artistic works in several international venues. Since 2014 he has created performances merging theater, dance, live music, and theory. He is an associate professor in performative art (officially DAV) at the Bergen School of Architecture.

- Julie Lillelien Porter (moderator) -
Julie Lillelien Porter is an artist and curator, currently working as artistic director at Lydgalleriet in Bergen. She has worked broadly with self-organized and collaborative practices with a special interest in spatial, corporeal, sonic and sculptural practices. Julie was one of the founding members of Bergen-based artist group Ytter in 2008 and has since curated and hosted numerous exhibitions, performances, publications, and discourse programs in various formats, inside and outside institutions.