Bergen Assembly
Family tour with workshop

Photo: Thor Brødreskift

Welcome to a guided tour and workshop for the whole family, every Sunday during the Bergen Assembly.

This year, Bergen Assembly arranges its fourth triennial exhibition, in which Bergen Kunsthall plays an important part. In this guided tour and workshop, we will get to know Yasmine in her quest to find a mystic form: a seven-sided shape called a heptahedron. On her journey, she encounters seven odd characters helping her in the quest, one of whom is located at Bergen Kunsthall. Together, we will find out who this character is, and perhaps we will also be able to help Yasmine find the heptahedron. In the workshop, we will make a picture frieze, telling the tale of Yasmine and her journey.

Suitable for all ages, the tour is in Norwegian.

Tour and workshop for children
Every Sunday 13:00

Every Sunday 14:00