Oktoberdans 2022
Closing party
, 22:00

Oktoberdans is an international dance festival. It is programmed and produced by BIT Teatergarasjen. Bergen Kunsthall is proud to host several events and seminars in our spaces.

The program is planned with the idea that you can see everything and disappear into the festival with us. As always, it is packed with new and well-known artists, current discourse, colleagues from all over the world, you, our dear audience, and a team that expands during the festival. We work with the best people both on and behind the scenes.

The closing night at Oktoberdans always carries a strong stamp of a great variety of happy hormones, some because people are just excited, some because they have finally completed their work, and others because they have got it in their blood along the lines of athletes who have run a full marathon.

After this evening, it is winter – the clocks are set back one hour on the night of Sunday. The immediate consequence, according to tradition, is that everyone gets to sleep an hour longer the next day.

We have invited none other than the legendary Bjørn Torske as DJ for this Oktoberdans finale. Bjørn Torske is one of the pioneers in electronic music and DJing in Norway. The career has been long, and the releases are very versatile: from House, Disco, and Techno to Down-Tempo and Dub. If anyone knows how to set a dance floor in motion, it’s Bjørn. And after all, what else could we as a dance festival want?

Support DJ’s: DJ Joy & Sausan

22:00–23:30 DJ Joy
23:30–00:30 Sausan
00:30–02:45 Bjørn Torske