After School Special
, 20:15

After School Special is an event platform that has been hosted at Landmark, Bergen Kunsthall since 2012. It is currently curated and produced by Torleif Bay, Sara Linberg and Sigrid Lerche.

Join us at Landmark for another After School Special event! We are excited about showing projects by Karolina Bergman Engman, Erik Bergrin & Arkan Zakharov, Pierre Doumenge & Callum Jennings, Frida Vikström and Simone Jarvis.

Karolina Bergman Engman
Karolina Bergman Engman (SE) is an artist and filmmaker educated in Visual Communication and Fine Arts at Malmö University and Bergen Art Academy. She lives and works in Malmö where she is currently pursuing a master in Fine Arts from Malmö Art Academy. In her practice she explores memory processing in relation to past environments and locations, using rendered photographs to depict poetic representations of the memory image.

A place apart (2022)
A narrator's voice describes his memories of his childhood home on the west coast of Estonia. Environments and details are narrated through 3D-rendered photographs, whose incoherency and broken expression show fragility in the attempt to remember a past environment. With the help of archival sounds and poetry readings, the narrator tries to reassemble the landscape's surroundings. As the memory images become distant, the narrator is reunited with footage of the present landscape – past and present merge.

Erik Bergrin & Arkan Zakarov
The film The Eight Dissolutions explores mortality in the recurring cycle of death and rebirth, and is inspired by Tibetan Buddhist meditation practice that visualises the shutting down of senses and elements of the body one by one and conceptualised in the featured wearable pieces by designer Erik Bergrin. Each intricate wearable piece is associated with a dissolution and is accompanied by a mudra, a hand sign, and a sound, layered as a soundtrack. A guide (performed by a butoh dancer) leads the viewer along the haunting journey.

Erik Bergrin (US) is a fiber artist based in NYC, who fuses ancient and contemporary fiber techniques in works which alchemize psychological shadows into creative freedom. The artist draws on his background in costume design, as well as a study in meditation and the investigation of the mind in order to make the work.

Arkan Zakharov (RU) is a multi-disciplinary visual artist and director known for his surreal and diverse body of work that is instructed by experimentation and amplified by concern for, and fear of, human kind. His published projects included PULP Magazine and two monographs – Macho Vol.1 and Pit Pass, the latter also a solo exhibit at Toronto's CONTACT Photo Festival. His photographs have been published in Vogue US, Interview Magazine, i-D, Office Magazine, PAPER, King Kong, High Snobiety, among others.

Pierre Doumenge & Callum Jennings
Cellist Pierre Doumenge (FR) and contrabassist Callum Jennings (CA) met in the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and quickly became good friends. Together they have formed their own musical duo project that will perform for us this evening. Apart from playing together in BPO, Doumenge is a member of the Bergen String Quartet and Jennings is with BIT20 Ensemble.

Frida Vikström
Frida's (DK) work has grown from speculations on slippery encounters between living entities and their surroundings, which unfolds through text, sculpture and installation. Their practice can be seen as an ecological fiction on love, identity and eccentric togetherness. At ASS they are showing an installation in the foyer of Bergen Kunsthall, titled “POUR” – a scenography made of moss, dirt and water.

Simone Jarvis
Simone Jarvis (CA) is an artist who works with painting and sculpture. She explores paintings' capacity for conjuring spatial depth, movement, and light, playing with painting's ability to simultaneously be a body, a picture, and put forward atmospheric qualities through abstraction. Her sculptural paintings on foamcore can also be seen as figures, they perform as a body for paint to coexist with – an amalgamation of materials, light, colour, and oil paint. Displaying their dispositions, thought-processes, moods, and sensibilities in the spotlight. The use of lighting points to a certain club culture feeling of exploring the self amongst other 'selves' in a room. Material qualities help to propagate the painting's use of composition and form while pointing to abstraction and the extension of space into atmosphere.
Simone will also be our DJ for the evening, so feel free to stick around after the live programme.