Oktoberdans 2022
Opening Party
, 22:00

 ©BIT Teatergarasjen
© BIT Teatergarasjen

After a lively opening day, there will be an opening party at Landmark, one of the finest party venues in the city. This is also where we will celebrate the closing.

Landmark is the head and tail of the fat festival fish. And where the opening party stands as a sign of hope and expectation, the closing is the last injection of life and excitement before the abstinence sets in, the clean-up, reflections and everyday life.

The last night calls for a wide variety of happy hormones, for some just because they are happy, some because they have finally finished, others because they have it in their blood with the likes of athletes who have run a full marathon. After this evening it is winter – the clocks are set back one hour on the night of Sunday. The immediate consequence, according to tradition, is that everyone gets to sleep in an hour longer the next day.

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