Perfect Sounds Forever
fucales (Live)
, 21:00

It’s difficult to pinpoint our genre, but people often describe to us how they feel when listening to our music. Sometimes it’s dreamy, other times catchy and makes people dance, other times very angry and expressive kind of Stravinsky-like. It’s a lot about the emotions we feel when we play gigs, and we can see that our audiences are really feeling the same. We all have quite different backgrounds in music, and maybe that is why we’re fusing some genres. Simon is becoming a classical trumpeter, Mikkel has a background in rock and classical choir music, Leon has a background in classical piano and prog music, and Mari wants to become a jazz pianist. But none of that is important in the rehearsal room, there we just want to play and express ourselves.

- Wonderland Magazine, March 2021

“fucales” is a fresh, rattling band from Bergen (Norway), serving a wet soundscape-buffet. One gets served a mixture of dishes like shoegaze, dreampop, postrock and noiserock. The hypnotic, dreamy melodies are something for both the mind and soul to dive into.



21:00 Doors open
22:00 Concert starts

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