aya + Alskua + Emily Adomah


Manchester club mastermind aya will join us for both a live performance and DJ set alongside DJ Alskua!

aya released her album im hole in 2021 on Hyperdub to great critical acclaim, co-runs the label YCO, and hosted a monthly radio show on NTS. Her work is primarily concerned with the transfigurative power of experience and memory on the physical Body.

aya’s live performances are explosive and unpredictable. At her DJ set, you can expect “a giddy maelstrom of jungle breaks, Dutch techno, UK funky, South African gqom, and
who knows what else—plus edits of Charli XCX and “Call Me Maybe,” for good measure.” (Pitchfork)

Alskua is a seabird circling the Northsea, common behaviours include breakfast radio, DJing and the occasional producing. Driven by textures and broken rhythms they will blend up gritty electro, dubbed out breaks, acidic jungle and anything in between.

Emily Adomah's music moves from the intimate and organic to the powerful and processed. She creates her musical landscape with the use of her own voice, field recordings, and electronics. Central in her work are ethereal harmonizations and small musical themes that are developed into longer stretches of song. Lyrically, she is inspired by the big themes of love, death, the soul, and the universe.

21:30 Doors
22:00 Emily Adomah
22:45 aya
23:45 Alskua (DJ)
01:15 aya (DJ

Utmark is Bergen Kunsthall’s own concert series, presenting Norwegian and international musicians from a wide range of genres, with a focus on alternative expressions and experimental, visionary and exploratory music. Utmark events are free to members of Bergen Kunsthall, Borealis Listening Club and students of BAS, KMD and Grieg Academy.

21:30 Doors open
22:00 Emily Adomah
22:45 aya
23:45 Alskua (DJ)
01:15 aya (DJ)