Vill Vill Vest 2022

Photo: Ingrid Jasmin

We invite you to take part in the seventh edition of Vill Vill Vest 1 – 3 September 2022. 70 of the best Norwegian artists in the world will play on several of Bergen's well-known and beloved stages, and we guarantee that you will find your new favourite artist.

Since 2016, Vill Vill Vest has promoted new musical talents for the public and the national and international music industry. Together with the interest organization Brak, we invite you to conferences, seminars and great concerts in the center of Bergen. Artists such as Sigrid, Fieh, Pom Poko, Boy Pablo, Kjartan Lauritzen and Dårlig Vane have had some of their first meetings with the public on one of Vill Vill Vest's many stages. In addition, the festival is an important meeting place between artists and the industry, with everything from local record labels to international companies.

Jump aboard the Treverket spaceship and Captain Mathias Marstrander and Admiral Martin Hjetland will lead you on a journey through space to their planet. Fasten your seat belt and note where the nearest syncope is, it may be located behind you. During the journey, smoking fresh acoustic septet jazz with a hint of 80’s synthesizer is served, drinks are sold separately.

Ingrid Jasmin’s music draws on flamenco, Norwegian traditional music, pop and RnB, and has already attracted attention. She herself has a varied background which she brings into the music, the traditional and the modern. The new and distinctive voice has received positive feedback and reviews from everyone who has heard it. The debut album was written and recorded together with an all-star team of musicians and producers. The album is just around the corner.

Throughout the pandemic, the talents of Master Oogway brought various guests to a concert series. At least one of these created pure magic, and ended up as a gem of a concert and a record. The whole gang has long moved in the experimental and improvised sphere. With Henriette on the team as a prominent soloist, we find the band in both a lyrical and exuberant mode with threads to spiritual free jazz as well as world music.

See you in the city between the seven mountains, 1-3 September 2022