Vill Vill Vest 2022

Photo: Ayka

We invite you to take part in the seventh edition of Vill Vill Vest 1 – 3 September 2022. 70 of the best Norwegian artists in the world will play on several of Bergen's well-known and beloved stages, and we guarantee that you will find your new favourite artist.

Since 2016, Vill Vill Vest has promoted new musical talents for the public and the national and international music industry. Together with the interest organization Brak, we invite you to conferences, seminars and great concerts in the center of Bergen. Artists such as Sigrid, Fieh, Pom Poko, Boy Pablo, Kjartan Lauritzen and Dårlig Vane have had some of their first meetings with the public on one of Vill Vill Vest's many stages. In addition, the festival is an important meeting place between artists and the industry, with everything from local record labels to international companies.

Is Han Herman one of music Norway's best kept secrets? His voice has an international quality and his pop songs show an enormous range. When he played his first concert this year, hundreds of people came, he is praised to the skies by reviewers and is referred to as an artist with a pop sound that will astonish far beyond the Norwegian borders.

Ayka is the music project of 24-year-old Ayca Lingaas from Oslo. With a steady group behind her, the debut EP came out last year. With songs that unfold in an interplay of gentle vocals and lyrical tenderness, Ayka serves up an engaging form of introspectivism. Through simple, direct lyrics and a soundscape that feels expansive and intimate at the same time, the listener is invited into Ayka's rich inner life. Here, ironic distance from everyday banalities meets an imaginative and colourful mind. A journey between indie rock, pop and folk and an invitation to a dreamy nostalgia.

Selma French has been buzzing around as a musician and composer in the jazz and folk music scene for some time. As a chorister and fiddle player, she has received good reviews, but now it is finally time for the solo project wrapped up with electric guitar, Wurlitzer, fiddles and some bright choir voices. The music shows her admiration for Norwegian and English folk music, and has an airy feel from an unknown place. Tones that wind through the large and small landscapes. The debut singles are already out and she has some well-reputed colleagues on the team.

See you in the city between the seven mountains, 1-3 September 2022