Members tour in the exhibition "The Queer Gaze" at KODE 4

We are so lucky to be able to invite all our members, with an optional guest to a tour in the exhibition: The Queer Gaze in KODE 4. The tour is held in Norwegian.

“_ The Queer Gaze explores and highlights the diversity of queer perspectives, narratives and identities found in the museum collections.

This comprehensive exhibition features almost 160 works ranging from Classical antiquity to the present day. It fills a whole floor at KODE 4, Lysverket and part two opens this fall.

‘Queer’ means something that is not ‘straight’ – something that deviates from traditional structures and norms. In essence, it refers to breaking with what we regard as ‘normal’. In colloquial language, ‘queer’ can be used to describe all forms of gender expressions, identities and sexualities that do not follow the norm._ “ – text from KODEs website. Read more about the exhibition here

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25. Aug at 18:00

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