CRUISING UTOPIA: Queer Futurities
General rehearshal exclusively for members
, 17:00

The general rehearsal is only open and free for members (with an optional guest)

We wish to welcome all our members with an optional guest to get an exclusive glimpse of what is happening behind the making of our biggest production in the live-programme so far this year in a classical general rehearsal. Join us to make sure everything runs smoothly

We departure from Holbergskaien Friday at 17:00

As a member you will also be able to purchase the ticket for the Cruising Utopia:Queer Futuries on Sunday 26 June for 50,-. (contact us for the membership discount code )

Want to join us? Read more about our membership here

Venue: Holbergskaien
M/S Midthordland

The general rehearsal is only open for members (with an optional guest) Sign up here

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Cruising Utopia: Queer Futurities
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