Mhost Likely: DJ Tilla, Espen Cook, Stine Lundberg & Olav Eggestøl
, 23:00

Mhost Likely

Last party before the vacay starts!

Joining us will be two of our friends from Oslo, DJ Tilla and Espen Cook (Kowloon). They’ll be joining forces for what’s set to be a killer night of full sonic euphoria, surrounded by by the Mhost Likely family Olav & Stine who will be supporting throughout the night.
Light design by Jon Eirik Sira

Dress to dance, don’t tolerate anything but things that feel good and keep your eyes peeled for the Mhost Likely / Landmark crew who can help you with all of your troubles (and maybe advise on life choices too?!).

As always, be aware that this is a friendly space, any issues can be reported to a member of Mhost Likely or to security. We take responsibility for any unacceptable behaviour at our parties and will take immediate action to make every guest feel welcome and cared for.

If you can’t afford to pay for the ticket, just get in touch with us via email and we’ll be able to help out:

Tickets: 80 / 120