Konsept X: Editing Room vol. 2

Konsept X

Konsept X invites you to the second edition of our club concept Editing Room. This will be a club night dedicated to historical women’s technical artistry.

Join us at Landmark from 22.00 into the night, where surrealism will run through our body and soul. Let us take you through a journey of electronical music in various forms: techno, house, polyrhythmic dance music, afro house and so much more.

We are happy to announce the following line up: Asbi, Alicia, Ida Nerbø, KVAL, Love Pump, Miri

Design by Stina Haveland.

The world is a place where reality at times is difficult to grasp, and our muse for this evening, Maya Deren, depicts this in a stunning manner through her contribution in film and art.

Maya Deren was a Ukrainian born American experimental filmmaker, and an important promoter of avant garde. Her Movies amplify an eerie feeling of confusion, anxiety, a sense of being lost and a feeling of losing reality like sand running through your hands. She is a frontier of her time with her contribution to artistic discoveries through new technology. We want to celebrate her contribution to art by giving it new life, in a modern sphere and creating something new with something established.

The state of mind that Maya Deren creates is a place of vertigo and our evening will experiment with this state of being by creating a space where letting go will create a feeling of freedom within the chaos.
Join us in the free fall into acceptance of the surreal, where we dance together to just let go.

This event is supported by Kulturrådet

Tickets: 100