Damla Kilickiran - Twine an image that is yet to be
Performance: Finn Adrian Jorkjen
, 15:00

Damla Kilickiran, Twine an image that is yet to be
Damla Kilickiran, Twine an image that is yet to be

It’s so static, yet so deep, no vibrations traverses it, touching lightly on the surface; sliding slow. A soft acidic yellow flickers your eyes, rapidly. So unnoticable that you take notice, the shift. A poem, a chant; floating words charges matter, charges space.

For her exhibition Damla Kilickiran produces a new installation that continues her research into the limits of rationalisation and magical technologies. The new work is based on a measuring instrument, the “lesbian rule”, which can trace non-straight forms, for example the complex curves of classical columns.

The installation oscillates between an exhibition and a stage set: on several occasions throughout the exhibition period, the installation is activated by a live reading, during which performers will speak a text written by the artist while manipulating the installation.

The text work that will be performed by Finn Adrian Jorkjen on Sunday 29 May and Georgiana Dobre on Sunday 19 June. The performances reintroduce and keep the body visible as a trace in the exhibition – altering the premises of the body through mimetics and re-negotiating processes of spatial materiality.

Damla Kilickiran (b. 1991, Sweden) reflects in her practice on topics related to alternate states of being as a method for image production and knowledge. Kilickiran graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo in 2020 and has recently exhibited at the Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art (GIBCA); UKS, Oslo (both 2021); Destiny’s Atelier, Oslo (2020); Lofoten International Art Festival (2019); and Nordnorsk Kunstnersenter, Svolvær (2018). Damla Kilickiran is based in Oslo.