Al Spence

Al Spence, Kertyschoo! Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum
Al Spence, Kertyschoo! Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum


Al Spence (1995, France / UK) works with text and installation. The recurrence of violence or menace in their work comes from their affection for horror fiction. They use text to investigate experiences of terror, teenage foolishness, and critical illness. Their practice with text is centred around organising collective events and giving readings. Their work with sculpture starts with repetitive « DIY » experimentations. Inspired by hostile architecture, their installations tend to imitate and misunderstand symbols of passive threat and lawful violence (like fences or barbed wire). These shaky mis-explorations are hybridations, they offer up queer propensity to otherwise rigid structures.

16:00 — 16:40
Duration: 40 min

Included in the entrance ticket:
Adult: 50,- (Free entrance with: aktivitetskortet)
Student/senior: 25,-
Children: Free