Leaning Exercise no. 3
Kari Ann Lending Kleiveland
, 17:00

Kari Ann Lending Kleiveland: Leaning Exercises. Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum
Kari Ann Lending Kleiveland: Leaning Exercises. Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum

Leaning exercise and textile activation with a class from Bergen Dansesenter

“Structures of Support/Malleable bodies” is an exploration of the human body, movement and materiality. Through site specific work, conversations and interdisciplinary collaborations, Kari Ann Lending Kleiveland explores materials and different environments in extension of the body. In the exhibition in Bergen Kunsthall the project exists as a participatory work with focus on the position of leaning. Through different exercises people can experience support, give support and find positions of rest. These questions shapes the backdrop of the exercises: What are you leaning towards? What are you leaning away from? What is your support?

Kari Ann Lending Kleiveland
What is a body? Where does the body end? How do we relate to ourselves, others and our surroundings through our bodies? Kari Ann Lending Kleiveland (1993, Norway) is mapping physicality and movement. She works with documentation and memory, with the body as an archive. Her background in dance and choreography has given her a framework around her practice. It is not a shift from one practice to another, rather it is a curiosity to approach the body and movement from different angles. Her processes are dynamic. She explores one medium through the impulses of another.

Duration: 2 hours