Flaggfabrikken presents Aurora Sandlilje

Sandlilje rubs it in your face; the pain, the humiliation, until you get it.

FAILURE. Yes. Bring it on.

Aurora Sandlilje lives and works in Oslo. She graduated from the Bergen Art Academy in 2004 and it is with great pleasure that Flaggfabrikken reintroduces Sandlilje to Bergen.

This is the last event of Fatal Nordic Attractions. Flaggfabrikken presenterer will be back in September with a new series of events called One-Night Stands.

Fatal Nordic Attractions was curated by Maya Økland and Hilde Jørgensen with generous support from Kulturkontakt Nord, Norsk Kulturråd and Bergen Kommune.

Fatal Nordic Attractions – Faded Love Songs: Aurora Sandlilje (NO) Life is always patethic, in many ways like the search for love. But yet, trivial choices in life may stand insistent, crucial, and irrevocable in the end. In the video works of Aurora Sandlilje a fine line is balanced between the patethic and the stoic.
Dealing with the humiliation and unforgivingness of failing to succeed in Life, Sandlilje is mirroring our inner fears through familiarly strange characters.