«Gudsfrykt med nøysemd»
The Norwegian Grandparents Climate Campaign
, 17:30

Do we have anything to learn from those who led us? asks Gunnar Kartveit.
Gunnar Kartveit has worked in Norwegian Church aid.

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Organizer: The Norwegian Grandparents Climate Campaign

The Norwegian Grandparents Climate Campaign, GCC, was formed in 2006 by a group of concerned elders, many of whom formerly held influential positions in Norwegian society. The initiative came from Halfdan Wiik, librarian and environmental activist living on the island of Stord south of Bergen.

Today GCC is an independent grassroots organization with well over 6000 members (December 2021), with regional groups across Norway and run by a Members’ steering-committee. GCC has proved a significant voice in the public debate on the state of Norway’s climate policy at home and abroad.

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