After School Special
, 21:00

After School Special © After School Special
After School Special © After School Special

“The future is uncertain, but the end is always near”
- Jim Morrison

After School Special invites you to yet another multidisciplinary art event at Landmark. This time you will get to see the works of five emerging, young artists, all currently connected to the Bergen art scene.

she will have a musical performance that is a combination of electronic music, experimental sounds, field recordings and improvisation on several homemade instruments. The performance plays on the topic of death and draws inspiration from mythology and folklore.
Title: Elegy for a Cow I Once Loved Dearly
Duration: 15 minutes

He will be showing an installation consisting of a concrete cast of a marble sculpture from a cemetery in Bergen. The marble sculpture is originally a decoration on a sarcophagus of a former parish priest in Bergen.
Title: proposal for a chapel

is an artist and writer working between multiple media with a focus on voice and poetics. She is interested in how the voice and its textual counterpart—poetry—might complicate and navigate in-between the personal and political; the private and the public; the present and the absent; the inside and the outside.
Title: a call across the river

I’m interested in the garden as a place for thoughts surrounding the origin, belonging, care, presence, absence, and loss. The time and the body. The poetic and vulnerable moment, where life and death coexist. She will be showing a video and an installation.
Title: the earth is humming in your ears
Lengde: 6 min

is a visual artist who can't seem to be focused on one thing for very long. At the moment he's deep into live video. We will be visited by a burnt out angel who likes to dance. Please be nice to them.
Title: Do Not Be Afraid
Duration: 15-20 min

We are happy to announce that for this event, we are reopening the dance floor! A good opportunity to shake off your existential anxiety after the live programme is over. Maybe you will meet some new people that you may or may never see again.

Door: 20:15
Programme: 20:40- 23:00
Billetter: 40,-