Session 6
Reading group
, 17:00

Queer Phenomenology, Sara Ahmed
Queer Phenomenology, Sara Ahmed

Author: Sara Ahmed
Text: Queer Phenomenology – Orientations, Objects, Others

The reading group is a monthly gathering and an open format to read together and to be introduced to thinking and writing on themes of intersectionality, queerness, gender and race. It provides a forum for discussions and personal reflections. The sessions will be facilitated by Nora-Swantje Almes, live pro- gramme curator, and hosted by varying mem- bers of the group.

Inspired by the practice of the Feminist Duration Reading Group London, we will read out loud – paragraph by paragraph – to make sense of the texts and its themes together. We are open to all. No previous reading or knowledge required – the readings will be in English.

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If you would like to stay up to date, receive texts in advance, have questions or would like to host a session, please express your interest.