Tortusa / Breistein, Pocket Portion

Tickets: 100,- / 50,-

Tortusa / Breistein
Tortusa/Breistein is a Norwegian duo consisting of electronic musician Tortusa and saxophonist Inge W. Breistein. They released their first album “Mind Vessel” on Jazzland Recordings in March 2018 and have toured in England, Germany, and Norway. The album got great reviews in Germany, Norway, England, and USA.

The music has an electronic-experimental sound and refers to genres such as electronica, nordic jazz, ambiance, and minimalism. Compositions and larger improvised sections blend together through rhythmic repetition, harmonic textures, ambiance, and strong melodies.

A majority of the sound is recorded live by Bishop and manipulated on the spot, creating a very live and fresh concert. Bishop records Breistein´s saxophone with various software and hardware and transforms the sound into something new.

Pocket Portion
Saxophonist Heidi Kvelvane has written music for her new quartet Pocket Portion. The quartet keeps all doors open and plays music based equally on free improvisation, soundscapes, composed frameworks, and melodic themes.

Heidi Kvelvane – saxofon
Gard Hvammen – piano
Sverre Sæbø – bass
Amund Nordstrøm – drums

This event has a limited capacity due to the current restrictions regarding health and safety. It is important for all audience to pre-order tickets. Changes might happen at short notice.

- If you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and do not attend this event.
- Keep a one meter distance to others at all times.
- Practice good hand hygiene before, during, and after the event – we have enough antibac!
- You are responsible for providing contact details for all tickets ordered in your name, including if you give yours to someone else.

Concert at Bergen Kjøtt as part of Landmark Satellite with Tortusa / Breistein & Pocket Portion