Bergen Art Book Fair 2020 / 2021

Every two weeks a new section of publishers will be highlighted and you'll get a chance to buy their books.

BABF MINIMART is also a reading nook where you can relax in beanbag chairs made by consept driven menswear designer Siv Støldal and the books will reside in acrylic shelves made by furniture and spatial designer Stine Aas. Støldal and Aas have been frequent BABF collaborators, the rainproof BABF bag with reflective print will also be available for purchase at the MINIMART.

Visit MINIMART #1 own webpage at Bergen Art Book Fair!

Publishers at MINIMART; February 6 – 19
Blokk Forlag (NO)
Corners (KR)
Northing Kinakaal (NO)
&soWalter (NO)
Waaktar forlag (NO)
Andersens forlag (NO)

Bergen Art Book Fair is an international art book and self-publishing festival that takes place every year in Bergen, showcasing 50 local, national and international artists and small press publishers. The fair is organized by Pamflett since 2013. The program consists of sales fair, lectures, workshops, meetings, book launches, performances, readings and much more.

Due to the current Covid-19 pandemic the 2020 / 2021 edition of the festival takes place online,, and as a series of events in collaboration with different culture institutions in Bergen and Norway, as well as the BABF MINIMART showcase at Bergen Kunsthalls bookshop.

BABF MINIMART is an onsite display of the books and publishers at Bergen Art Book Fair 8, and is hosted by the bookshop at Bergen Kunsthall.