Carte Blanche meets Joar Nango

Free with exhibition ticket!

Please note: Register upon arrival in the reception at Bergen Kunsthall. Limited capacity so you may have to wait to enter the exhibition space in the period between 12:00 – 14:00.

No pre-registration.

With: Adrian Bartczak, Dawid Lorenc, Caroline Eckly, Nadege Kubwayo, Max Makowski, Noam Eidelman Shatil

Produced by Carte Blanche

The Festival Exhibition 2020 at Bergen Kunsthall presents Norwegian-Sámi artist Joar Nango. Initially trained as an architect, Nango constructs his exhibitions as labora tories, investigating traditions and experiences from his cultural background in Northern Norway, characterized by flexibility, pragmatism and adaptation to nature.

The exhibition will be less a finished product than an arena for a social process of creating places and situations with possibilities for improvisation and collective action. Nango’s work addresses indigenous identity and decolonialization, looking at these topics not in isolation, but as an expression of the ongoing dynamics between the so-called cultural centre and its peripheries.

Six dancers from Carte Blanche convey Joar Nango´s festival exhibition through location specific improvisation.