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Sharing session

Bring your new, untested, unheard tracks to share at this collective listening and sharing session!

golden jar hosts two sharing sessions a year, inspired by the listening session hosted with Konsept X and London-based female & non-binary DJ-collective Synaptic Island in 2018.

The sharing sessions take the form of a supportive feedback forum to nurture new music: everyone is invited to bring a track to share, we listen together and discuss. Everyone is free to join and contribute with whatever they please – be that a track, some feedback or simply being there. All genres of music are welcome including recently-made tunes, unreleased sketches, works in progress and rediscovered recordings.

This session is open to everyone and all genres of music are welcome. Please come ready either with a new track to share or come with open ears ready to listen.

If you would like to share a track, please let us know in advance : email >>>> goldenjarbergen@gmail.com.

Guidelines: Please limit track length to 6 minutes max. If you are bringing a long track, please pick a 6 minute fragment to play. Please bring your track on USB / CD / vinyl / plug-in device with minijack-output. This listening session is intended to be a supportive and collective space for listening and discussing new music. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or discrimination of any kind will not be tolerated. Please be on time :) Please be prepared to stay until the end of the session. We will try our best to make sure that it finishes on time.


[*] golden jar is a container for musical experiments & collaborations – set up to hold and support artists who are cutting the edge on their own terms. goldn jar starts from a shared desire to support new and experimental practices and specifically people who identify as female, trans or non-binary working on and off stage, in front and behind the scenes to encourage supportive networks, shared learning opportunities and push forward new music.

Tusen takk / a thousand thanks to Maria Rusinovskaya + Landmark Bergen + Bergen Kunsthalll for their support and to Synaptic Island for their initiative and guidelines. ♥

18.30 – 21.00
Free entrance!

_Sharing session for new sounds – hosted by golden jar.
Bring your new, untested, unheard tracks to share at this collective listening and sharing session! _