KZLK, BLÓM, MC Yallah & Debmaster
Borealis X Utmark

Tickets: 225, – /175, –
Free for members of Bergen Kunsthall

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Doors open 21.00 – DJ Utmark Lydsystem plays untill concert start 22.00

From Cairo’s underground Hizz collective, KZLK presents the first European outing of his Lstefa project. Meaning “archives” Lstefa is KZLK’s commentary on the rapid commercialisation of the hugely popular Egyptian music form Mahraganat, sometimes called Electro-Chaabi, and through his mix of twisted visuals and warped cassettes samples he fires a shot across the bows of anyone who forgets the music’s roots. From Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, BLÓM are queer, cute, feminist noise punks whose “noise radge” fuses fiery hardcore drums and bass with furious energetic vocals to create their own DIY Queer Feminist anthems. Coming out of Uganda, Kenyan rapper Yallah Gaudencia Mbidde a.k.a. MC Yallah blazes her own fierce style crossing rap, dembow, grime and more in her new collaboration with French producer Debmaster. Affiliated with the Nyege Nyege collective in Uganda, her live sets jump across scuzzy industrial fetish styles and up-to-the-second global bass/trap movements.

Presented in collaboration with Borealis – a festival for experimanetal music

Borealis 2020: 4 – 8 March. Full programme here!.

Borealis and Utmark join forces once again for another night of genre hopping musical experiments that bubble over with fierce energy.