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Plattform: Hot Circuits, Fleshless Bodies, Pear-Shaped Reason

Lars Bang Larsen

Free and open for all!

“Who, what, where are we amidst the froth of modern technology, the brew of chemicals and the agitated air of particulates and data streams? How are we? A small question – but a hard one,” the theorist Esther Leslie asked in response to the exhibition Mud Muses. A Rant About Technology (Moderna Museet Stockholm, 2019-2020). Mud Muses, curated by Lars Bang Larsen, was an attempt at outlining an alternative history and future of art and technology. In an attempt of an evaluation, Larsen will use the project as a point of departure to talk about cybernetics as an “ontology of unknowability” (Andrew Pickering), and about artistic and countercultural (mis)uses of technology over the last 50 years. Artists such as Charlotte Johannesson, Jenna Sutela and Suzanne Treister have come up with unexpected responses about how to be, and how to act and think in the digital condition.

The talk is part of our spring programme of events around the exhibition of Adelita Husni-Bey, Maktspill, which uses participation and feedback as a model to negotiate power.

Lars Bang Larsen is a writer and art historian, and an adjunct curator of international art at Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Larsen has (co-)curated exhibitions such as Dierk Schmidt: Guilt and Debts (Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 2018), Incerteza Viva, the 2016 Bienal de São Paulo, and Georgiana Houghton: Spirit Drawings (Courtauld Gallery, 2016). He is author of Arte y Norma (2016), Networks (2014), and The Model. A Model For a Qualitative Society 1968 (2010), among other publications.

Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union, as part of the Re-Imagine Europe project.

A Cybernetic-Countercultural Prelude to the Digital Condition