Dance Impro: Hamada, Suzuki, Fujihira + Erin Sexton
Throw Cash
, 19:00


Erin Sexton will start the night with an artist talk on her project Contingency Planning in collaboration with Yohei Hamada, which will take place at BEK as a 2-day workshop and exhibition / happening event

Maria Rusinovskaya and Erin Sexton will DJ throughout the evening and the bar will be open!

Free entry + dance / music by donation, cash preferred :)

Bergen-based dance artist Yohei Hamada will be joined by Kiyotaka Suzuki and Mari Fujihara from Tokyo for an evening in the Japanese style of casual + improvised ‘throw cash’ dance performance events. Guitarist Shun Kodama is also coming all the way from Japan to accompany the dancers with live improvised music!!