Dance Impro: Hamada, Suzuki, Fujihira + Erin Sexton
Throw Cash


Erin Sexton will start the night with an artist talk on her project Contingency Planning in collaboration with Yohei Hamada, which will take place at BEK as a 2-day workshop and exhibition / happening event

Maria Rusinovskaya and Erin Sexton will DJ throughout the evening and the bar will be open!

Free entry + dance / music by donation, cash preferred :)

Bergen-based dance artist Yohei Hamada will be joined by Kiyotaka Suzuki and Mari Fujihara from Tokyo for an evening in the Japanese style of casual + improvised ‘throw cash’ dance performance events. Guitarist Shun Kodama is also coming all the way from Japan to accompany the dancers with live improvised music!!