Eduardo Williams
Zoom: Parsi
, 20:00

Free and all welcome!

The film was shot with a 360-degree camera by young individuals within Bissau’s queer and trans community who take us on a spry journey through the city’s neighbourhoods by foot, roller skate and automobile. The 360 degree footage was then cropped for the cinematic frame by Williams using a VR headset.

The film’s perpetual motion runs parallel to the driving force of its hypnotic audio track, which takes the rhythmic form of spoken verses excerpted from Mariano Blatt’s ongoing poem “No es“ (“It isn’t”) unfolding as a list of similes each beginning with ‘Seems like’.

With this list ringing in its head, Eduardo Williams’s film “Parsi” finds itself in a perpetual movement through spaces and around people. We are taken on a breathless ride through bustling neighbourhoods, from person to person, thrown, dipped under water, rushed from image to image, creating in the process yet another poem which is caressed by, crashes into, and spins next to “No es”.

Eduardo Williams (b.1987, Argentina) is a filmmaker and artist whose works explore a fluid mode of observation, looking for mutual relations and open adventures in a physical and virtual network. He believes that uncertainty can yield its own sources of beauty and forms of small-scale resistance through communal escape and shared complicity, so as to chart the rhythms of autonomy over automatism..

Zoom is Bergen Kunsthall’s new series presenting screenings and live events with artists and filmmakers whose work lies in-between contemporary art and cinema.

Join us for a talk with Argentine filmmaker Eduardo Williams and a screening of his award-winning short film “Parsi”.