Nora Joung
Always serious, never solemn
, 14:00

Free and all welcome!

“I’ve always been a container filled with want. First, I wanted to be a boy, and was confident puberty would turn me into one. Then I wanted to marry rich, but was told I lack the right skillset. Then I wanted to be middle class, but I don’t pass as middle class. Then I wanted to be a teacher, but I’m too ignorant. Then I wanted to be a nurse, but my grades aren’t good enough. Then I wanted to be an artist, so I became a technician, then a critic, then a gallerist. Then I wanted to visit my parents in Bergen, so I had Bergen Kunsthall pay for my trip.”

Joung is an art critic and artist, working mainly with installation, performance and video. Her succinct word-based performances question who decides what reality sounds like and how it is best described.

Joung has studied at Bergen Academy of Art and Design, Valand Academy, Aarhus Litteraturcenter, and The Academy of Fine Art in Oslo. She is a member of editorial team of House of Foundation and one of the founders of Destiny’s – an artist-run space in Oslo.

Bergen Kunsthall invites to a performance by Nora Joung in connection with the exhibition “Jill Johnston, The Disintegration of a Critic”.