Borealis Festival
Jenny Moore: Still Life Still Loud

Canadian artist and musician Jenny Moore is our Borealis Artist in Residence! Inspired by her unique combination of music and sculpture, social activism and performance, Borealis has invited Jenny to spend three afternoons at the festival collectively exploring the in-between places of her practice. Occupying the Upstairs of Bergen Kunsthall, Jenny will choreograph a space where anyone is welcome to join her, to watch, to talk, to explore and to sing. Drawing on the somatic rituals of poet CAConrad, the communication of bees, tremble therapy and water submersion, each afternoon will unfold from 3pm and end with communal singing.

Join Jenny to explore the practice of being-alone-while-being together, inventing choral-punk rites, and drumming to re-arrange the cells in your body.

Foto/Photo: Kalina Pulit

No sign up to take part – just turn up and get involved!