Peter Wächtler
, 20:00

Peter Wächtler. Foto: Philipp Ottendorfer

Free and open for all!

The exhibition will be open before the event with free entrance from 17:00.

Peter Wächtler works in a variety of media: bronze and ceramics, text, drawings and video. But in many ways ‘stories’ could be described as his main artistic material. His works often evoke a narration, with animals or human figures in animated states. They are made in ways that use and adapt elements of fiction, folklore and pop culture, relating to specific traditions and common tales, and materialize the ways of telling a story as much as the story itself.

The exhibition at Bergen Kunsthall presents a large body of new works created for the show, together with a large-scale video installation. The exhibition title, “Franky’s Theme”, implies something like a coherent story across the galleries, or a mood or atmosphere in the way in which a movie soundtrack operates as a narrative unfolds and different protagonists appear. Wächtler has created a series of distinct spaces for the exhibition, each presenting a group of works that (literally) inhabit the rooms in the form of different characters: a group of snowy owls, made in glazed ceramics, depicted with their characteristic white feathering with dark spots that makes them well-adapted to their habitat in the north, a bronze-cast bat, a troll and a model of a shed.

During the spring a new artist book by Peter Wächtler will be published with a collection of works comprising drawings and text contributions by among others John Kelsey and the artist. Designed by Boy Vereecken.

Peter Wächtler lives and works in Brussels and Berlin.

In connection with his exhibition “Franky´s Theme” Peter Wächtler will be reading from his own text work this evening.