Nadine Byrne + PSST (Paul Sigerhall & Stefan Tcherepnin)

Utmark’s spring programme continues with a line up of two distinct, exciting acts – Nadine Byrne and PSST (Paul Sigerhall & Stefan Tcherepnin) – creating unnerving, dreamlike soundworlds in their musical compositions and live performances.

Nadine Byrne (SE) is an artist and composer based in Stockholm. Her interdisciplinary practice spans sound, sculpture, performance, text and film. Informed by a fascination in alternative constructions of reality, her musical performances take us on unknown journeys through dreams, memory and loss. Her latest album ‘Dreaming Remembering’ was released in May 2018 on iDEAL Recordings.

PSST is a new collaboration between drummer and former member of experimental Swedish rock collective Audionom, Paul Sigerhall (SE), and artist and composer Stefan Tcherepnin (US).

Thursday 7 February 21:00
100,- / 50, Borealis Listening Club! members, KMD & BAS students