After School Special

Tickets: 40,-

Transgene: a segment of DNA from one organism introduced into the genome of another organism from a different species.

Transgene is a time for rebirths, sacrifice, transmutations, transformers, transitions.

We would like to use this opportunity of the transfer of organisers, to inject this into a parallel theme, where we will use Landmark as a hosting cyborg shell; exploring the differences between the selected artists approaches to theme of transitions and the chaos that stirs and lies in-between.

We welcome you to a toast as we baptise this new season of ASS and look forward to a great program where the transition between space, time, art and music dissolves.

Kim Hankyul (SK)
Ben Connell (NIR)
Natalie Seifert Eliassen (NO)
Roos Dijkhuizen (UK)

Tokyo Twins (NO)

Dj set from Knut Sørensen(FR)

Afterschool Special returns back in February 2019 at Landmark! Transgene is the first episode of a new season of Afterschool Special held by new co-organisers: Gentian Meikleham, Tine Gunvaldsen, Tine Adler, Nayara Leite and Kaeto Sweeney.