Flaggfabrikken presents: Fatal Nordic Attractions, Identity in the Making

Sharing faith with Greenland we seek for creative expressions in Faroe Islands as well and found it this time in a young band called The Ghost. Filip Mortensen (20) and Urbanus Olsen (21) will play an indie electro pop concert.

Laila Hansen lives and works in Ilulissat, Greenland. She studied at the European Film College in Denmark and the Vancouver Film School in Canada. Hansen is also trained as an actress and singer. Her film productions includes short films, tv commercials, music videos, documentaries and tv for children. Lately Hansen has been directing and acting in a play for the Ilulissat Cultural House. She is currently script writing for the Ilulissat Cultural House and assisting an upcoming feature film by Paramount Pictures.

Flaggfabrikken Presenterer er en arena for visning av samtidskunst drevet av kunstnerkollektivet Flaggfabrikken. Våren 09 inntar vi på nytt Landmark med programmet Fatal Nordic Attractions der vi viser et bredt spekter av kunstneriske strategier i våre nordiske naboland. Programmet er kuratert av Maya Økland og Hilde Jørgensen med støtte fra Kulturkontakt Nord, Bergen Kommune og Norsk Kulturråd.

Thursday March 5th
Free entrance!

Laila Hansen (GL) and The Ghost (FO)

The documentary Inuk Woman City Blues (2002) is the first Greenlandic representation of a wide known problem of alcoholism among Greenlandic immigrants in Denmark. We have invited the filmmaker Laila Hansen to introduce her film and talk about the relevance of cultural autonomy in Greenland.