Naee Roberts (live) + Niilas
, 20:00

Tickets: 100,-
Free for members, KMD and BAS students

In this musical project Sandra Mujinga combines idiosyncratic musical experiment with pop idioms and references, twisting conventions through repeated lyrics and unexpected samples, taking inspiration from both contemporary and traditional dance and choreography from her country of birth, DR Congo.
Naee Roberts sings in Lingala, Norwegian and English, and approaches the phonetics of language as materials, on an equal level with the other sounds in her compositions.

Niilas is Peder Niilas Tårnesviks electronica project – a 22 year old producer from Bergen. The project was started as a channel for conveying emotions and expressions through electronic contemporary music, and it has evolved to become a contributor to both the art scene and the underground of club music and popular culture. He is known for solid DJ sets focusing on strong mixing and high energy. With three mixes for NRK P3 and performances around Norway and Scandinavia, he has established himself as a DJ you dont want to miss.

Concert starts at 21:00

Sandra Mujinga is known both as a visual artist and a music producer, acting under various monikers. As part of the live programme of the exhibition, she will perform as Naee Roberts. The concert will be accompanied by a DJ set from Niilas.