allEars programme launch tour

Tickets: 100,-

ACT I – allEars allStars
Signe Emmeluth – saxophone
Christian Meaas Svendsen – bass
Ole Mofjell – drums

ACT II – Playdate Playmates
Eva Pfitzenmaier – voice/electronics
Mari Kvien Brunvoll – voice/electronics
Bård Aarvik – guitar
Stephan Meidell – guitar
Tijs Ham – electronics

ACT III – nyMusikk Bergen
Arthur Hureau – electronics
Hilde Annine Hasselberg – vocal
John Hegre – guitar
Else Olsen S. – glass harp

DJs – Utmark Lydsystem

This year´s allEars festival will be on wheels. Instead of having 4 days of music in Oslo, the festival will come to the nearest big city. And while we’re waiting for the Big Fish AllEarsAllStars’ release tour will come to you! Trondheim – Bergen – Oslo: 25th – 27th of November!

With concerts from allEars, Playdate and nyMusikk