Borealis: Samtale

Louis Moreno

Paul Purgas (UK)
Louis Moreno (UK)
Lasse Marhaug (NO)
Volker Zander (DE)

One of the motive forces driving electronic music since the 1970s has been efforts to maintain independent control over the way sonic culture is made, distributed and presented. New technologies and the DIY ethics of record labels, venues, record shops etc. have been central to the way dance music and sound art has proliferated across the world. But is the notion of independence and radicalism in these genres still possible with the convergent commercialisation of digital media, social networks and electronic music? Louis Moreno of the curator collective freethought invites curator Paul Purgas, musician Jlin and others to discuss the inspirations, strategies and infrastructures they use to maintain their work’s cutting critical edge.

Presented by Borealis in collaboration with Bergen Assembly.
Supported by Fritt Ord.