Marvin Gaye Chetwynd: Iron Age Pasta Necklace Workshop
Bergen Assembly 2016: PRAXES Opening Party

Inaugurating the year-long program of PRAXES at Bergen Assembly 2016, British artist Marvin Gaye Chetwynd invites audiences to a cruel craft party, Iron Age Pasta Necklace Workshop, a performance workshop presented for one night only. For this joyous Iron Age X-Factor, audiences create necklaces that are then ceremoniously judged by the ‘Discerning Eye’. Drawing inspiration from educational programs and imagery of precious ancient crafts, the event is the first in a series of old and new performance chapters conceived and developed for the Bergen Assembly throughout 2016.

Afterwards, Nabovarsel DJ and writer Øde Øyvind presents oddities and classics from 40 years of dance music, followed by Bergen legend DJ Bjørn Torske, who recently released albums for the cred-label Smalltown Supersound.
Adjacent opening of Lynda Benglis exhibition, also curated by PRAXES, at 17:00 in Tårnsalen, KODE 4.

Bergen Assembly is a perennial model for artistic production and research taking place in the city of Bergen every three years. In 2016, the Bergen Assembly offers three distinct propositions, expanded and developed in different temporal registers by the artistic directors: Tarek Atoui, freethought, and PRAXES. Exhibitions, live events, and publications are continually introduced and produced throughout the year, with a convergence of activities taking place in September, 2016.

Within this context, PRAXES focuses on just two unassociated artists, namely Lynda Benglis and Marvin Gaye Chetwynd, in a yearlong sequence of live acts, display, and debate, consecutively inhabiting different venues throughout Bergen.

Marvin Gaye Chetwynd (b. 1973, UK) celebrates popular culture. She has adopted elements from Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Miyazaki’s Catbus, and Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales in exuberant collective performances and films merging irreverence and joie de vivre. In Bergen, Chetwynd will create a new work presented in installments throughout the year, while a series of exhibitions-events probe her long-term involvement with social anthropology, humor, and performance traditions.