Dronehenge II
Magic Playground Presents

Welcome to the second instalment of DRONEHENGE!
Last time was a resounding success and this time will go even further at digging into your Drone Bone as new members enter the arena to battle out the Spirits of Winter on all fronts. Join us in this Ceremonial March for Spring and let us deepen our collective journey of minds as we travel to the far reaches of imagination.

It is advisable that you contact us, here on The Mighty Facebook, if you wish to join us onstage. For everyone else, tickets will be had at The Door. Expect to lose sense of gravity, time, space, smell and balance as some of Bergen’s finest musicians embark on a completely freely improvised set of Dark Music and open your Mind’s Eye to the birth of a New Year. New Opportunities await those that do not succumb to fear, but revolt against the Toils of Yesteryear and embrace The New Era.