Frode Haltli / L'Ocelle Mare
nyMusikk Bergen

Frode Haltli, Norway’s most impressive accordionist within new music, started playing the accordion at the age of 7. His debut record Looking on Darkness was released on ECM in 2002 and was awarded the Norwegian Spelemannsprisen for contemporary music. In 2014 Haltli released Vagabonde Blu on the label Hubro, with pieces by Salvatore Sciarrino, Arne Nordheim and Aldo Clementi – an extremely capturing record with strong contrasts. After having heard this album it was clear for us that we simply had to invite him to play a solo concert at nyMusikk Bergen.

Thomas Bonvalet aka L’Ocelle Mare writes music for banjo, harmonica, tuning forks, various microphones and amps, metronome and tapping feet. In 2011 he played a legendary concert at Borealis leaving most of the audience marvelling – how could somebody play like that and why hadn’t we heard about this earlier?! We think that still too few people have heard his music and have tried to get L’Ocelle Mare back to Bergen already for a couple of years. Now we finally did it!
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Virtuous performances on accordion and banjo