Klubb Frokost
Rave your way into the day!

Tickets: 50 NOK

We invite you to dance the morning in before work, school, or other responsibilities take over because dancing does not have to be confined to late nights. As the cold and dark months begin to take over, Klubb Frokost wants to warm your body and mind with beats. You can skip your early morning spinning class and come sweat with us on the dance floor instead.

The tunes will be of the electronic variety from DJs Marieke Mulders and Richard Blanco. Visuals by VJ Adamek. Expect house and techno of the highest quality. Feel free to wear costume and express yourself exactly the way you want or feel and dance like there is no tomorrow. Everyone is welcome as this is an alcohol free arrangement. Bring your kids, your mom, your mom’s mom, your wife, and your neighbor.

There will be smoothies, coffee, and sandwiches for sale at the bar.

Ravers work in offices. Ravers can be moms and dads. Ravers don’t always stay up all night. Ravers can be any age. Ravers love to dance!