Laura Cannell / COSMO Collective

CC: 100,/ 50, (for members of nyMusikk and Borealis Listening Club).
Free for members of Bergen Kunsthall, and students of KHiB and the Grieg Academy.
Doors open: 20:00.
Concert start: 20:30.

Laura Cannell’s music evokes a meditative sate through her flow of sound, created with traditional instruments such as the fiddle and the recorder. The music is steeped in medieval history, and geographically rooted in the East Anglia landscape. The soundscapes she creates are equally contemporary and innovative in her approach to the use of traditional instruments, as they are laden with a rich tradition of English folk.
Comparable, perhaps, to the way that artists like Henry Flynt or Tony Conrad have used drones and repetition as a meeting point between folk music, improvisation and avant-garde strategies, Cannell manages to do something similar, but with another starting point, both geographically and sonically.
Cannell’s brand new release, Simultaneous Flight Movement, has already been very well received. On this album, the motif of flocking birds along the coast of England becomes a starting point for a collection of incredibly beautiful, contemplative pieces of instrumental music.

COSMO Collective is an open musical collaboration for musicians using DIY electronics and custom software written in Csound. There is no definite musical style, though it could be characterized as electroacoustic improvisation. The focus is on the exploration of sound and timbre, rather than traditional harmonics and rhythm, and exploiting the powers of Csound.
The core of the group are Alex Hofmann (saxophone and electronics) and Bernt Isak Wærstad (guitar and electronics), who will be playing the Utmark concert, but a performance can consist of any number of players. COSMO Collective have performed several shows around the world, including New York, St. Petersburg, Boston, Brisbane, Berlin and Trondheim.