Skatebård, Marieke Mulders, Ptica (live)
Exhibition Opening Party

Lucas Blalock, Non verbis, sed rebus, 2014. Archival inkjet print. 101.6×127cm. Courtesy of the artist and Ramiken Crucible

CC: 0,-

We are happy to start the year of 2016 with a great night of music, celebrating the opening of the exhibitions “Image Support” with Lucas Blalock, Marieta Chirulescu, Ann Cathrin November Høibo, and Eileen Quinlan, and “Head Drawings and Faces of War” by Xanti Schawinsky.

SKATEBÅRD aka Bård Aasen Lødemel, is a Bergen based producer of all things electronic. Connoisseurs know that his catalogue oscillates between emotional techno, neo-italo, electro from an alternative future and a Scando-cosmic reinterpretation of pure Detroitian house. His ability to create seamlessly crafted, expertly executed tracks, edits and remixes marks him out as a truly special Norwegian talent. Skatebård releases on labels like Digitalo Enterprises / Kompakt, Radius Records, Supersoul Recordings, Tellè Records, Keys of Life Finland, Luna Flicks, Totally and Sex Tags Mania.

MARIEKE MULDERS works for Bergen based record label Brilliance, books club night for Bygdalarm and plays in a DJ-duet Hoes of Techno. She has played support for Lena Willlikens (Coméme) at a Maksimal night, was one of EKKO-DJs, appeared at Klubb Klubb and set the dance floor at Café Opera and KoNo16 on fire with her hard-line house & techno.

PTICA (live) is a post-rock duo from Russia, combining the distinctive Russian melodism, drone ambient, and syncopated rhythms in their hypnotizing songs, built up with live and electronic instruments and an entrancing opera-like vocal.

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