Ny Musikk Bergen presents

Tickets: 80,- / free for members.

The composer and musician Benjamin Thigpen is currently artist in residency at USF. In addition to electroacoustic composition, he performs live as an electronic musician. On September 2 RUST (Jean-François Laporte and Benjamin Thigpen) will give a concert and post-concert presentation at Landmark.
They will use and discuss the new instrumental configurations that they have been developing over the past year. BEK supports the residency. The concert is organised by Ny Musikk Bergen.

_“In addition to electroacoustic composition, I perform live as an electronic musician, primarily in the context of two duos – Rust, with Jean-François Laporte and Les Frères Bobine, with Stefano Bassanese. For these musical activities I construct my own electroacoustic instruments.
Les Frères Bobine (Benjamin Thigpen and Stefano Bassanese) use inductors, coils, small metallic objects, amplifiers and computers to generate silent magnetic feedback loops. These “electromagnetic oscillators” are our instruments – at once material and virtual, digital, analog and acoustic. Through continual gestural control, we interact with them and influence them, without seeking total control. They behave like natural process, producing sounds that are fascinating, unpredictable and organic.”_