The Jist: Release Concert
, 21:00

Tickets: 100,-

The Jist
Stephan Meidell – solo
Henrik Koppen – performance
Jonas Hamre + Ole Mofjell duo
Brage Tørmænen solo
Tove Standal – dans
Emil Larsen – dikt
Fredrik Parelius – diks
Ruben Eikebø – video/kunst
Fredrik Wiig Sørensen – kunst
Tolgalainen Birøkter – DJ

Even though they were born and raised in the same town on the countryside of Norway, The Jist didn’t start until the duo met in Oslo in 2011. Using their common perception of the distressed urban life of Oslo they started the project of exploring and making big soundscapes in a small constellation.

With a guitar, vocals, and several electronic devices, they used their alternative approach to their instruments and started to create dynamic, freely improvised, noisy electroacoustic music. After two years of playing they found the unique sound of The Jist that was worth documenting.

This is the gist of The Jist, and just a small part of the hours of material they recorded in two days, mixed and mastered by John Hegre. The record is a borderline personality disorder that indulges into a series of sudden brutal eruptions of sound.

The duo The Jist releases their new album with an evening full of guest appearances and concerts!