Magic Playground #3: Christmas Playground!
, 21:00

CC: 65,-

The program we’ve set up for you to behold this time around is simply magnificent and might melt your face off before the night comes to an end.

Mats Kornerud AKA DJ Kornet will be playing his favourite post-punk, insane Nigerian psych-rock from the 70’s and pre-revolution Iranian psych for you all while you slowly drift closer and closer to the edge of your sanity.

House-gastronomist Martin H. Inderhaug has a talk planned regarding the global food/power situation, the vulnerability of the norwegian foodproduction and a little about slow food and his own brand new initiative: Matkollektivet!
We’ve ordered quite a bit of food from them, and will be serving some awesome treats for you guys while you’re getting enlightened.
Heavenly tastes inbound, strap on to your rockets!

SWEET FUZZ, a blazing alternative rock outfit from Bergen, with Even Kjelby on bass, Hans Kristian Eilertsen on battery and Haakon Brage Hansen on Guitar and Vocals will be the nights first live act.
Their sound ranges from the sweet soft tones of summer, to the heavy and fuzzed-out sounds of a stormy november night in Bergen.

SHAMAN ELEPHANT is the quintessential psychrock act concieved of by frontman, guitarist and vocalist Eirik Sejersted Vognstølen.
On drums: Jard Hole, on bass: Ole-Andreas Jensen, and on the keys, we find Jonas Særsten.
This band of masterful improvisators, inspired by the music of Motorpsycho, Hendrix, Mahavishnu Orchestra, Bushmans Revenge and their likes will make sure this will be a Thursday to remember!

The night features, of course, our very own house christmas-elf Glenn Kvernmo greeting you in the Foajé, who knows what he’s cooked up this time around?! We’ll just have to wait and see.

Bring your finest set of friends, your strangest behaviour and we’ll see you at Landmark Bergen for this years last edition of Magic Playground!

Welcome yet again to the marvelous wünderland of Magic Playground!