Ny Musikk presents: Peter Lenaerts & Ezra Eeman + Vehiculos de ocasion

Ticktes: 80,- / Free for Ny Musikk memeber

A Performance by Peter Lenaerts & Ezra Eeman. Sound artist Peter Lenaerts has been obsessed with silence for years. Not as absence of sound, but as space. Space in which sound happens. In December 2011 he travelled to Australia’s arid and desolate center in pursuit of the emptiness and nothingness he’d experienced there the year before. A search that was doomed to fail. For silence does not exist. And even if it does, it can not be recorded. Or if it could, it can not be replayed. Or can it?

Concept, Sound Recordings, Text & Performance: Peter Lenaerts
Film & Camera: Ezra Eeman
Editing: Guillaume Graux
Sound Mix: Senjan Jansen
Grade: Robbie Delaere
Produced by Dance Connection – Center for Modern Dance vzw
Supported by Flanders Audiovisual Fund, Workspace Brussels, Luc Eeman, Tosa Machine

Peter Lenaerts is in Bergen in connection with Mette Ingvartsens play The Artificial Nature Project på Teatergarasjen


no nonsense frirock

Vehiculos de Ocasion is André Algrøy, Tor Kristian Ervik and Steinar Sekkingstad.

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QUIES: A performance by Peter Lenaerts & Ezra Eeman / VEHICULOS DE OCASIÓN – no nonsense frirock