Plattform : Lecture and book launch

In the spring of 2012 Bergen Kunsthall presented the exhibition “Brannon, Büttner, Kierulf, Kierulf, Kilpper”. The exhibition can be seen as one of a series of group exhi¬bitions at Bergen Kunsthall that differ from traditional themed exhibitions in aiming at a freer presentation of individual artists who can be said to have mutual affinities, exhi¬bitions that invite both parallel and conflicting readings in the spatial encounters that arise among the works.

This exhibition featured five artists, all of whom have given graphic printing tech¬niques prominence in an otherwise composite, highly varied oeuvre. The exhibition discussed what could be called “the materiality of communication”, and at the same time the fluid and unstable in the meaning of the communicated signs. All five artists made use of graphic and printed media with combinations of text, illustrations and images. Nevertheless, for the artists in question the use of these media exists in an unclarified relationship where text, language, illustrations and the actual material medium through which all these sign systems are communicated are set against one another, often in contradictory, enigmatic configurations.

In the wake of the exhibition came a publication that documented the exhibition, and which also featured a new essay by Lars Bang Larsen, with the title “Circles With Another Centre Than Itself, Notes on Print and the Materiality of Affect”.

With the evening’s Plattform event we want to mark a ‘delayed launch’ of the book by inviting Lars Bang Larsen to give a lecture based on the essay in the book.

Lars Bang Larsen (b. 1972) is an art historian and critic. He has co-curated group exhibitions including “A History of Irritated Material,” Raven Row, London (2010), “Populism,” Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam (2005), “La insurrección invisible de un millón de mentes,” Sala Rekalde, Bilbao (2005), and “The Echo Show,” Tramway, Glasgow (2003). Among his book publications are Sture Johannesson (2002), The Model: A Model for a Qualitative Society, 1968 (2010) and The Critical Mass of Mediation (with Søren Andreassen), 2012.

The lecture will be in English.

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Lecture: Lars Bang Larsen:
“Notes on Print and the Materiality of Affect”